Computing Kinbun 1

Computing Kinbun 1
Computing 金文 1
90 X 45 cms
Sumi ink, washi, computer keys

The characters for a calculating machine 算盤 are found in Kinbun. (in Japanese Soroban. )
Nowadays we use computers for writing, we rarely write with a brush. In one half of the pair of works I am showing I have written ‘calculating machine ‘ in Kinbun and made a collage which acts as a backdrop to a set of computer keys. In the other half of the pair I have placed headless brushes on top of print outs from a ‘Look Up Kanji’ App on which I wrote 算盤 with my finger directly onto the screen.

The work is a comment on how computers have revolutionised the way we write and how separated we have become from the long tradition of sho.



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